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On 06, Mrz 2020 | In

Über die Unendlichkeit

Regie: Roy Andersson
Produktion: Essential Film / In Between Film / ARTE Grand Accord
Verleih: Neue Visionen Filmverleih

Deutsche Fassung & BFF
Kinostart: 17.09.2020


” The horn of plenty is a mythological goat’s horn filled with items that signify wealth and abundance. It is usually depicted as overflowing with a profusion of produce and fruits of all kinds, a bounty that, as myth would have it, never dwindles, that is the very embodiment of infinite inexhaustibility. The Greek myth inspired me to gather all these scenes, all these themes in the same film. I want to emphasize the beauty of being a human, of being alive; and in order to show that, you need to have a contrast, to also show the ugly side. This film is about the endlessness of the signs of existence “

(© Roy Andersson)