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DANTE + La Sagrada

On 15, Mrz 2022 | In Projekte | Von

abgeschlossen TV:
DANTE + La Sagrada – Synchronparts
Sender: ARTE
Studio: MD Productions

“Dante’s Divine Politics” is a visceral, personal exploration of 14th century history, seen through the eyes of the most important Italian writer of all times: Dante Alighieri. He lived through one of Europe’s most tumultuous times, through the web of intrigue that put Popes against Kings against Emperors, in a fight that would shape the future of Italy and Catholic Europe. A meticulous historical research work guarantees the historical accuracy of the docudrama: every scene – recreated through expert use of cinematographic fiction – has been studied to the very minute detail, making them true to the real events. This creates a unique evocative narration, with the aim to showcase some of the most important characters and events of the Middle Ages, as told by Dante himself. Throughout the film, the world’s finest scholars will decode Dante’s verses and provide historical context to the unfolding of events, making them accessible to a wide audience, giving us a privileged viewpoint over one of the most eventful and funding chapters of European history. An opportunity to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, and pay tribute to one of Italy, and indeed the world’s, most renowned author.
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